Tales of Katholikos Thánotos

Tales of Katholikos Thánotos
Katho the Engineer, made using Midjourney, by Reivin Alexandria 

Katholikos Thánotos, after two years in London, had no friends. Not that he minded. Katho, as he called himself, was tired of pretending to care. He’d go to work as a software engineer, come home, prepare a simple dinner and read a book. The books he read dealt with scientific exploration, design, technological theory and at times a light horror story.

On his way to work, Katho would pass by an abandoned Cathedral. He could tell homeless people were squatting, given the needles and sleeping bags strewn outside. Usually, he regarded this fact with detached indifference but this day he was curious.

The sun peeked out from the clouds, and he noticed a torn piece of paper on the ground. It looked timeworn, the date across the top reading 2020.

I do declare! You who are reading this, are a part of something bigger than yourself!  The lies of the past have been revealed. We no longer live in archaic times!

It is for future generations to come.

Wake up!
Wake up!
Don’t you see?
Time goes by and we must create.
Create! Creating what comes from within.
Partake in this experience with nature not against it.
Factory worker, cubicle dweller, computer drone!
Head the call. You are needed.

As he read the last line, a blackbird came and snatched the paper away. Katho was not superstitious and did not believe in “signs”—he was a realist, and believed reality was as it appeared. He took one more look at the cathedral and saw a staggering homeless man smiling in his direction. He walked away.

Abandoned Cathedral, made using Midjourney, by Reivin Alexandria

That night Katho had strange dreams. He saw himself living as an architect in late 15th century Paris, at the turn of the Gothic Renaissance era. Then he saw himself at 8 years old, when his parents got him his first sketchbook. Back then, the images in his mind were endless. He drew the world as he saw it.

His parents were outcasts. Beatniks. Goths. Katho grew up accustomed to raves and rituals, but once he started school, he realized his family was not normal. One time, a young girl ran home crying after coming over and finding his parents’ taxidermy collection. Katho vowed not to follow in his parents’ footsteps and became an engineer instead.

Young Katho, made using Midjourney, by Reivin Alexandria

A week had passed and he kept ruminating on his dreams. Katho knew he had to return to the cathedral because something awakened inside of him.  He gathered his things, and set off for a weekend in the countryside.

He arrived in a nearby Breakfast Inn in a quaint town a few miles south of the cathedral. The first night, a dream woke him up from his sleep. He wrote down what he could remember: “Walls of glass, final judgment of man, and a plot of land.” He could not go back to sleep. By the time sunlight filled the room, he was gone.

The cathedral had been ransacked by the police. He walked in and felt a type of warmth, a sense of familiarity, as if he had been there many times before. He started to notice details. The pointed arches and ribbed vaulted ceilings. Gargoyles to frighten people and ward off evil spirits.  From the highest points, the stained glass windows let in the light. As though to touch God themself.

Katho’s mind buzzed with architectural information, knowledge he couldn’t remember learning. He took some photos and sketched the nave and ambo.

He stayed one more night in the inn and slept peacefully. His dream clung in fragments. A man drawing the blueprints for that same cathedral, standing before an empty plot of land. He had the unmistakable impression that the man was him. This was his judgment call.

He began to seek…

Katho's Design, made using Midjourney, by Reivin Alexandria


Deanna Araceli is a teacher, spiritual educator, oracle, mystic, writer, musician, sojourner, activist and much more than meets the eye. She has been studying Eastern thought for over a decade and Native Indigenous knowledge for the past 4 years extensively.

Deanna is dedicated to the unfolding of her business LA Casa de Luz  as a spiritual educator, energy reader and mentor. Her passion in writing comes through her Herstory project Underground Realms where she dives deep into remembrance of the original people and cultures of this precious earth.