About Liminal

“Liminal” refers to the mid-phase of an initiation ceremony—where the old self is gone, but the new self is inchoate; when frameworks break down, time and identity are in flux, and where everything is uncertain, even survival itself.

In the face of war, ecological crisis, grinding totalitarianism, and the possible collapse of civilization itself, reality can begin to feel unreal, the future frightening and obscure. Some seek certainty in dogmatism, and while this is a valid approach, we believe in embracing the uncertainty. At Liminal, we aim to provide a platform for writing which deepens understanding, finds the beauty in crisis, connects the personal to the planetary, and in doing so, ushers in a way forward.

If you resonate with this aim and would like to submit to Liminal, see our submissions page, or email liminal.literary@gmail.com for a submissions link. To receive our monthly anthology, click here. To support Liminal and the work we do, please see our subscriptions page.

The Editors