magnum opus of a modus operandi

magnum opus of a modus operandi
Piano Mirage, made using Midjourney by Reivin Alexandria

lithe fingers gracefully

bowing in service

soft and swift

orchestrate my heartstrings’ quickening tempo,


o p e n i n g

into a full symphonic crescendo.

i am humbled by the maestros

and miracles that compose you:

creativity trumpeting.

hot-aired would-wins.

a pianissimo piano weeping.

the ornery fae flashing from

crashing cymbals into

the twinkle in your eyes.

to witness the culmination of

community virtuosos within you

is an immersive

e x p a n s i v e  experience.

you are a dancing ovation.

Ornery Fae, made using Midjourney by Reivin Alexandria


Luna Lynn Kincaid (she/her) is a word nerd and native Dentonite that has been fascinated by nature, the cosmos, and esoterics since she was small. In 2007 she became a Circle in the Square Theatre School Alumna. While in NYC, she performed with a small, Off-Broadway Theatre Company/501c3 that she and her friends began together. Her favorite performance project was called The Red Hot Mamas, a Hard Rock Vaudeville Group. She also dabbled in burlesque with the epic Rhinestone Gorilla Burlesque headed by Jenny Weinbloom (executive producer, Meow Wolf).