Shadow Psychedelia: Interview with Antero Alli

Conversation on consciousness and film Noir with Antero Alli, OG consciousness explorer, and pioneer of the 8-circuit model of consciousness.

Shadow Psychedelia: Interview with Antero Alli
Circuits, made using Midjourney, by Reivin Alexandria

Exclusive interview with Antero Alli, 8-circuit innovator and paratheatre paragon, where we discuss:

  • His latest film, Tracer, a psychedelic thriller where the Russian mafia uses a new designer drug and remote viewing to infiltrate their enemies' dreams.
  • Intelligence agencies' real-life use of consciousness expanding technologies
  • The impact of AI on human consciousness, including latent psychic abilities.
  • Circuit 2/6 power spirals, where metaprogramming and sexuality enter into a mind-blowing feedback loop.
  • Possibilities for a 21st century Renaissance.
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